• All your senses, engaged.

    Cutting-edge performance, technology, and luxury – with the comfort of a midsized SAV. Meet the BMW iX: the new electric standard.Performance

    Sustainable from start to finish.

    BMW is driven by responsibility. Built at BMW’s Dingolfing plant using 100% renewable energy, the BMW iX uses game-changing sustainable materials, including olive-leaf tanned leathers, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, and floor mats made from ECONYL© (regenerated nylon made from ocean waste).

    Aerodynamic vitality.

    The most aerodynamic SAV built by BMW, the iX slices out a drag coefficient of just 0.25 Cd. And with the battery module positioned for a low center of gravity, you’re in for exceptional handling you can feel.
    • 2022 iX xDrive50 (22II)
    • Sport
    • Phytonic Blue Metallic
    • 22" Aero Bi-color Wheels, Style 1020 with Performance Non Run-flat Tires
    • Range up to 315 mi3
    • Oyster Perforated SensaTec
    • Titanium Bronze Trim
    • Dynamic Handling Package
    • Luxury Package
    • Premium Package
    • Front ventilated seats
    • Radiant Heating Package
    • Active Driving Assistant Pro
    • Passenger Lumbar Delete
    • Flexible Fast Charger
    • NEMA 14-50 Adapter
    • 2 years of complimentary 30-min charging sessions with Electrify America
    Value: $96,675
    Generously donated by BMW and the Southern California BMW Dealers
  • The Twig Collection Imagine a winter tree, stripped of its leaves, its branches standing strong in the face of a storm. Take that strength and form it into the shape of a bangle around one’s wrist and become adorned with the strength of nature. It is raw. It is refined. It is inspired by the earth and the shapes of strength that embellish it. The Twig Collection is the universal Tree of Life. The K. Brunini Twig Collection comes from the volcanic hillside towns of Mt. Etna, and Lanzarote in the Canaries. It comes from the archipelago of La Maddalena, Istanbul, Jerusalem, New York, and La Jolla. It comes from our backyard fantasies. It is poetic driftwood either lost or found at sea. K. Brunini Jewels’ inspiration is rooted in natural forms forged into precious metal, and enhanced by diamonds, pearls, and gemstones. About Katey Katey has received the Women’s Jewelry Association Award of Excellence in Design, the American Gem Trade Association’s Editors’ Choice Spectrum Award, the International Pearl Design Competition Award, the MarCom Platinum Award for website design, and many other honors.  In addition, the San Diego City of Hope named her their Ambassador of Hope.  Katey’s jewelry has been featured in the San Diego Museum of Natural History, Carnegie Museum, the Gemological Institute of America’s Permanent Collection, the Headley-Whitney Museum (Smithsonian adjunct), as well as Art Basel Miami.
    • Large K Brunini diamond and pearl torque cuff from the Twig Collection.
    • Sterling silver in brushed twig shape.
    • 0.5 Ct diamonds
    • Naturally 14mmwhite South Sea cultured pearl ends.
    • Split opening eases dress.
    • Slip-on style.
    Value: $8,780 Generously donated by K. Brunini Jewels
  • Enjoy a $2,500 gift certificate towards Mark Pomerantz luxury tailored clothing, suits, sport coats, shirts, pants, and casual wear. Inspired by intrinsic quality and value, Pomerantz believes that a garment is defined by its finish and that the inside is as important as the outside. Every detail is engineered to fulfill his sartorial vision: a flawless intersection of functional design and aesthetic form.
    Tailoring in the House of Mark Pomerantz is a sublimely distinct experience. It is intrinsically linked from the origin of its concept, to the artisanship of its creation, to the feeling bestowed while wearing it—imparting a power, style, and comfort that is unmatched. With the concept of creating a masculine physique that draws the eye up and out to a broad shoulder, the signature Mark Pomerantz silhouette is set off by its high collar, elongated lapel line, and soft cutaway. Purposeful in aesthetic and intentional in detail, the passion behind Mark Pomerantz tailoring has one purpose… to make you fall in love with your clothing.
    Value: $2,500.00
    Generously donated by Mark Pomerantz
  • More details to be announced soon!
  • More details coming soon... Generously donated by Twila True Jewelry

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