Enjoy a $2,500 gift certificate towards Mark Pomerantz luxury tailored clothing, suits, sport coats, shirts, pants, and casual wear. Inspired by intrinsic quality and value, Pomerantz believes that a garment is defined by its finish and that the inside is as important as the outside. Every detail is engineered to fulfill his sartorial vision: a flawless intersection of functional design and aesthetic form.

Tailoring in the House of Mark Pomerantz is a sublimely distinct experience. It is intrinsically linked from the origin of its concept, to the artisanship of its creation, to the feeling bestowed while wearing it—imparting a power, style, and comfort that is unmatched.

With the concept of creating a masculine physique that draws the eye up and out to a broad shoulder, the signature Mark Pomerantz silhouette is set off by its high collar, elongated lapel line, and soft cutaway.

Purposeful in aesthetic and intentional in detail, the passion behind Mark Pomerantz tailoring has one purpose… to make you fall in love with your clothing.

Generously donated by Mark Pomerantz