2022 Committees

Oceana is grateful to all the dedicated committee members, whose leadership and hard work help make the SeaChange Summer Party a success.

Elizabeth Wahler

Event Co-Chair

Karen Cahill

Event Co-Chair

Valarie Van Cleave

SeaChange Founder
& Chair Emeriti

Jeff Blasingame

Event Vice Chair

Chair Emeriti

Ted Danson

Julie Hill

Eve Kornyei

Britt Meyer

Host Committee

Keith Addis
Bo Derek
Jeff Goldblum
January Jones
Taran Killam
Angela Kinsey
Diane Lane
Billy Magnussen
Austin Nichols
Oscar Nunez
Christina Ochoa
Sally Pressman
Cobie Smulders
Aimee Teegarden
Sam Trammell
Kate Walsh
Ursula Whittaker

2022 Executive Committee

Lace Alexander
Julie Anderson-Leonardo
Tricia Berns
Shahrzad Bina
Jeff Blasingame
Kelly Brochu
Karen Cahill
Kira Cahill
Leslie Cancellieri
Renetta Caya

Judy Chang
Sally Crockett
James and Ryan  Cueva
Olivia Dahan
Lori Kenyon Farley
Julie Hill
Suzie Kim
Robert L. Kollar. Esq
Eve Kornyei
Bonnie Lee
Slane Lightburne
Sara Lowell

Athena Merage

Britt and Robert Meyer

Dina Michelle

Lourdes Nark
Janet Nolet
Bradley Pivar
Stephanie Rogers
Gabriel Serrato
Alicia Thompson
Valarie Van Cleave
Ashley Wahler
Elizabeth Wahler
Jean Weiss

Event Committee

The Abrahams Family Fund
Janis Agopian
Eric Albert and Julie Schmitz
Toni Alexander
Alexander McQueen
JoAnne Artman
Monique Bär
Herbert and Tamar Bedolfe
Dan Bennatt and Ashley Ellrich
Toni Berlinger
Michael and Patricia Berns
Dennis and Carol Berryman
Melissa L. Beuchat
Larry and Deborah Bridges
Marc and Patricia Brutten
Bruce and Karen Cahill
Dino and Leslie Cancellieri
John and Mary Carrington
Renetta Caya
Jin and Judy Chang
Gene and Leslie Chase
Gordon Clune and Elizabeth An
Lang and Alison Cottrell
Donnie Crevier and Laurie Kraus
Randy and Sally Crockett
Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen
Jennifer Durham
Anne Earhart
Jim and Patricia Edwards
Linda Edwards
Anthony Fanticola
Christian and Natalie Fanticola
Marc and Kathy Fanticola
Lori Farley
Mark and Bhadra Gordon
David Guichet and Jacinthe Paquette
Jim and Kelly Hallman
Joe and Jane Hanauer
Jerry and Maralou Harrington
Jim Hedgecock and Alexis Self
Paul and Sara Heeschen
James and Michelle Jaeger
Karen Jaffe
Dennis and Lynne Jilot
Michele Johnson
Fletcher and Annemarie Jones
Karen Jordan
Dave and Suzie Kaplan
Jena King
Charlie and Lynda Kinstler
Scott and Melissa Knode
Eve Kornyei
Mike Lake and Yvonne Schroeder
Ed and Amy Leasure
Christopher and Mandy Lee
Jack and Sara Lowell
Barbara and Greg MacGillivray
Shawn Marschel
Twyla Martin
Anne Marie and Gordon McNeill
Paul and Lilly Merage
Richard and Lisa Merage
Robert and Britt Meyer
James Moore and Susanne Elstein
Sir Thomas Moore and Laurie Rodnick
Richard Munsen and Deidra Wager
Mark and Mariellen Murray
Paul and Debbie Naudé
Carl and Janet Nolet
Christina Ochoa
Chase Offield
James and Sujo Offield
Dennis Panzer
Doug and Teresa Pasquale
Justin Pham and Bonnie Lee
Matt Puzio and Daria Blyskal
Gena Reed
Sean Reily and Kathy Kristof
Stephen and Marisa Robbins
Hilary Roberts
David, Jr. and Susan Rockefeller
Louis and Laura Rohl
Pamela Roy
Jan Rubel
Gloria Sage
Fred and Wendy Salter
Anton and Jennifer Segerstrom
Elizabeth Segerstrom
Cherilyn Sheets
Michael Silvers and Suzie Kim
South Coast Plaza
Heather Stevens
Sandy and Charna Sugar
Cyd and Steven Swerdlow
Alicia Thompson
Michael and Nancy Thompson
Alan and Twila True
Vitamin A
Elizabeth Wahler
Valaree Wahler
Uwe Waizenegger and Valarie Van Cleave
Colin Watson and Janee Pennington
Tim and Jean Weiss
Ray and Sandra Wirta
George and Susie Wood
John Zhang and Amber Li