This is the first collaboration between good friends and former Lightning Bolt team riders, Gerry Lopez and Paul Naudé.

Gerry Lopez, one of the world’s most iconic surfers and cofounder of the famous Lightning Bolt brand in the 1970’s and this year’s Oceana Ocean Champion, Paul Naudé, surfed and completed Hawaii’s Benzai Pipeline during the golden era.

Both have been hand crafting surfboards for over 50 years and for the first time, specially for this year’s SeaChange Summer Party, have collaborated to build this iconic replica of the iconic “Pipeliner” surfboard that was first design to successfully ride the tube at the world’s most dangerous wave.

Gerry shaped this surfboard using the same templates and profiles as he did back in the 70s and Paul glassed and finished the board as they were done back then – a glass on single fin, no leash plug and polished finish. This a true collector’s item.

Board Dimensions – 7’6″x19″x 2 3/4″

Value: Priceless!

Generously donated by Gerry Lopez and Paul Naudé