Framed black and white fine art print – Artist proof

Framed dimensions – 31.5 x 31.5


“Ocean Grace” by Jeff Hornbaker is part of a serie called “LIFE ON WATER: Images of the Ocean and Beyond”, the first collection of black and white photographic prints renowned photographer and cinematographer Jeff Hornbaker has ever assembled for exhibition. He has done so in reverence to all those before him that dedicated their existence to a life in the water, and to all those that will follow. This is the artist proof, printed on 100% archival paper Gold Fiber Silk.

Jeff Hornbaker has spent the greater portion of his life traveling the globe creating images on film. His travels always start with the ocean as the calling and end in dimensions beyond. A life spent in the ocean has been enriched by his desire to document the experience and share the beauty of the world in all her majesty.

About Jeff Hornbaker

Shooting since 1976, visual artist, cinematographer, director and photographer Jeff Hornbaker has an unprecedented eye for beauty.

Surfing first lead Hornbaker to water, and his camera allowed him to stay. Initially Jeff shot for pleasure, but it wasn’t long before his images caught the eyes of surf publications. Shooting for editorial allowed his explosive talent to grow and develop into what would become his signature style of brilliant colors and intriguing angles. His conceptual imagery provided the keystone formulas for the evolution of surfing publications to this day.

As the surf culture shifted from a rebellious indulgence to an ocean lifestyle choice, Jeff was a primary influence in shaping the creative direction for early surf brands like Rip Curl, OP, O’Neill, Arnett and many more. It was the beginning of a career that would take him around the world for some of the biggest labels to come. Hornbaker would go on to develop the visual style for premier international surf culture brands Quiksilver and Roxy for two + decades. He became renown as the pioneer to shoot fashion and portraiture below water. It was these groundbreaking works that lead the way, and soon underwater realms became a natural “studio” for all photographers who followed his genre.

Jeff’s entire life and business still center around a lifestyle above and below the water. Since his humble beginnings, and throughout 38 years of world travels – Jeff remains a leader at the very top of the field in surf, fashion, ocean action, culture, character and exploration adventure.


Generously donated by Jeff Hornbaker