Hand-Carved Coconut Scuplture

Discovered in the heart of the South Pacific on an uninhabited island within a remote coral atoll, this coconut was carved by Neville Hockley to express the gentle flow and eddies of the world’s greatest expanse of ocean and its diverse marine life.

Riding waves, with detailed Polynesian patterns symbolizing ocean, harmony and strength, humpback whales watch with interest as their inquisitive newborn swims from the depths to meet a playful pod of dolphins. While near the surface tuna search for schools of flying fish.

This coconut is engraved with a latitude and longitude that mark the exact location of where it was discovered. These coordinates are highlighted with teak dust sanded from Dream Time’s decks – so this sculpture holds just a little of the very sailboat that navigated to its shores.

Neville Hockley, born in Southampton, England, is an award-winning artist and graduate from New York City’s Parsons School of Design. He is a published author and regularly contributes stories to Yachting Monthly, Cruising World, and Blue Water Sailing magazines. 100% of the proceeds from these published magazine stories are donated to Oceana.

In 2007 Neville and his wife, Catherine, departed New York on their sailboat, Dream Time, for a 15-year circumnavigation of the world. To date, they have sailed over 27,000 nautical miles and are currently in the South Pacific. Neville’s carvings are inspired by the rich and colorful marine life they have witnessed while exploring some of the most remote corners of the world.

Value $2,500

Generously donated by the Artist