Beautiful Oceanscape Oil Painting by Todd Kenyon

He doesn’t surf. He doesn’t swim. He’s terrified of sharks. Not what you’d expect from Laguna Beach artist and gallery owner Todd Kenyon, who’s known for his large-scale ocean scapes that are so realistic, they often are mistaken for photographs.

Moving to Southern California in 1998 from the East Coast, Todd Kenyon became inspired to create a body of work that captures the unique beauty of the Laguna Beach coastline. Todd’s paintings can be seen year-round at his studio connected to the purelagunabeach gallery.

Todd’s work captures the multifaceted spirit of the ocean. Step back and the viewer is taken in by the force of the crashing surf, a step closer shifts the focus to subtle color fields that mimic the reflective quality of light against sand and water.

Painting shown is an example of Todd work, not auction item.

The winner will be able to commission an original oil painting by Todd Kenyon! Todd will work personally with the winning bidder in developing a custom modern seascape painting to be completed near the Thanksgiving holiday. His work is well known on the west coast and collected nationally and internationally. Currently, he is exclusively represented by Gallery Henoch in NYC. His studio is visible on PCH in Laguna Beach where he will develop the piece for the lucky bidder. This is a unique opportunity to obtain one of Todd’s highly sought after paintings, as he is usually booked for commissions and sold out 4-6 months in advance.

Value $7,500

Generously Donated by Todd Kenyon