Artist Kevin McHugh’s Pucci-inspired baby Sea Turtles: Handpainted fiberglass bodies encrusted by hand with over 3,500 Swarovski Crystals in Amethyst, Tanzanite, Chrysolite and White Opal.

It’s not often that… 

The bold and the beautiful of culture can blend with that of nature. But in the art and life of McHugh NYC founder Kevin McHugh, they’re meant to be together.​

“My love affair with New York City, coupled with my admiration and respect for the majesty of sailfish, was really what sparked me to embark on this project,” Kevin says.

​Traveling between the worlds of NY nightlife, fashion, and music, Kevin became a fixture of them all, as a career manager for music and visual artists. He crossed the globe promoting their diverse projects and hosting premier events, from intimate gatherings in Denver to multi-thousand-person concerts in Spain. His travels sharpened his appreciation for artistic expression, and for distinctive and unique objects of beauty.​

It was when he became intrigued by the elegant sailfish that the novice artist embarked on his own visual venture.

​”The more I researched these fish and other billfish like Marlin, the more I wanted to showcase them, and bring attention to their plight of being overfished and possibly brought to the verge of extinction,” he says.

​Merging his interest in the fish and his aesthetic inspirations, Kevin launched a boutique business creating fiberglass renditions of the creatures, adorned with different materials: everything from iridescent mother of pearl and brilliant Swarovski crystals to leather and lacquer. The pieces are meant to change the way people perceive the notion of “trophy fish” by transforming them into stunning works of art.

​Kevin’s exquisite pieces have been sought after by an exclusive audience to date. He counts Patricia Field and Wendy Williams among his many clients. Miami’s affluent Ocean Drive magazine recently celebrated his art by featuring a McHugh fish in their Art Basel/Holiday Gift Guide Issue.

Pair of Baby Sea Turtle Sculptures

Value: $5,000.

Generously donated by the artist