• Poseidonia is part of an Oceana series by Deborah Paswaters, a vidual and multi-media artist whose abstract figurative style often depict dance and poetry. Her painted canvas, sculpture, ceramics, photography, collage, combined objects, works on paper, and poetry interplay with her personalized signature surfaces. Paswaters’ range of creations now include unique haute couture and accessories. Her work is represented and exhibited by galleries nationally and internationally. “Color and light flow between the figure and the surrounding realms in my work,” Paswaters writes. “To me, there exists no separation. The figure’s energy field radiates into air, the environment, and beyond our bodies.” Mixed media, silver and sand on canvas. Signed certificate of authenticity. 72” x 30” Value: $15,500 Generously donated by Paswaters Studios International
  • This is original sculpture contains elements of resin, clay, gold leaf and other mixed media. It represents the relationship we have with our planet, emerging from old ways to make a better future for the next generation. The JoJo brothers work together on each piece of art in a style they call “fusion art.” With a talent for mixing exotic colors to create brilliant worlds of imagination, they have quickly gained recognition among collectors of contemporary and abstract art across the country including the Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Wyland Galleries and the Philharmonic House of Design. Most of their work reflects the places they have surfed around the globe with a JoJo Bros twist. Value: $11,000 Generously Donated by Jojo Bros  
  • A highly textured and dimensional painting of ocean waves, using acrylic and palm fronds on gallery canvas in a custom white floater frame. With subtle grey tones in the sky and a moody, stormy ocean, this piece will complement all aesthetics and bring a soothing calm to any space. Kelly Hanna is a mixed-media artist who splits her time between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Her desire to create vibrant, dimensional seascapes using nature’s textures developed over seventeen years of art direction and graphic design. When she’s not at the beach or obsessing over the latest find of dried flowers or fallen fronds, you’ll most likely find her watching hummingbirds dance around the desert sky. 48” x 36″ Value: $5,500.00 Generously donated by Kelly Hanna Studio
  • This beautiful acrylic on canvas painting depicts a mother humpback whale and her calf. Jenny Marlene Ulrich is a visionary artist inspired by her love of nature and the ocean. This Indiana native turned “freshwater conch” aims to captivate your soul with poems in pictures. She uses a variety of different materials such as swordfish bones, driftwood and coconuts. Occasionally she frames her pieces in local lobster traps, showing a flair for repurposing found objects. 24” X 30” Value: $5,000.00 Generously donated by J Marlene Art
  • 20" x 20" x 2" oil on canvas About Runcie Tatnall: Tatnall's painterly realism lends its wry, sensitive eye to all kinds of subjects, from a world-weary bulldog to a shadowy boxer, to urban erosion, and then the seductive call of the sea. His paintings pull the viewers into a world evoking such painters as Hopper, the Ash Can school, and John Singer Sargent. Tatnall has an excellent ability to identify with his subjects and capture through efficient, yet precise gestures a strangeness of moment, a curious awkwardness, a dark humor that emanates through Americana. His pictures invite; they don't discourage.  Powerful composition and deft rendering allow viewers to drift in and out of the emotions and landscapes of the paintings, inviting viewers to create narratives for themselves. Tatnall trained in painting and illustration at the University of Delaware, the Art Students League in New York City, and received his MFA in painting from the University of Miami. He has been exhibiting nationally since 1995 including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Texas, and Miami. Tatnall recenty returned to Miami after six years as a fine art professor and head of the drawing area at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. Value: 3,200.00 Generously donated by Runcie Tatnall  
  • The power of eight sides come together as one in the breaking dawn. Boundless energy rising, this is the beginning of a new era. “Rising New Era” is the highlight in LIULI Crystal Art’s 2019 collection “Buoyed by Spring Light.” Made of lead crystal using pâte-de-verre (lost wax casting,) nine fish are depicted in various formations as they swim upward as one. In Mandarin, nine is homonymous with the word for long – here it symbolizes prolonged prosperity and longevity. The word for fish is homonymous with the word for abundance – here it symbolizes profusion year after year and a lifetime of fortune. The open circle in the base is where fortune gathers. It symbolizes the blessing of an inextinguishable life force. Sculpturally, the tails of the nine fish fan out like a flower, each petal spreads outward with organic energy. LIULI Crystal Art is committed to “continuously create art for the good of the heart,” and shares the vision with Oceana to protect the world’s oceans.
    • 7” x W11” x H6.5”
    • Sky blue & gold red with 24K gold foil
    • Limited edition: one of only 998, engraved with a serial number
    • Packed in a red peony flower box with certificate and poem card
    Generously donated by Liuli South Coast Plaza
  • 40" x 4' Value: $2,500.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • 3' x 4' Value: $2,000.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • 40" x 4' Value: $2,000.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • From classical designs to intricately detailed, Jay Strongwater frames are truly beautiful from any view. A spring bouquet of tulips and lily wraps around this Margery floral engraved frame; each blossom a full dimensional carving. Cast in pewter, finished in 14K gold, the frame itself is washed in a thin layer of cream enamel to allow the gold floral pattern to shine through. The tulips and lily are ablaze in vibrant reds and yellow enameled petals with shaded green leaves and accented with Swarovski crystals. With our signature, pierced fleur-de-lis metal back plate and kickstand, this frame is truly beautiful from any view. Stands vertically or horizontal.

    Value: $1,600.00

    Generously donated by Jay Strongwater

  • 2' x 3' Value: $1,500.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • Enjoy this gorgeous signed print of a Southern Right Whale, taken off the Auckland islands of New Zealand while Brian Skerry was on assignment for National Geographic magazine. His Right Whale story appeared in the October 2008 issue. About Brian Skerry: Brian Skerry is a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Since 1998 he has been a contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine covering a wide range of subjects and stories. In 2014 he was one of five photographers named as a National Geographic Photography Fellow. In 2015 he was named a Nikon Ambassador and in June 2017 he was awarded the title of Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year. Value: $1,425.00 Generously donated by Brian Skerry
  • Tumbling underneath waves amid effervescent sea tones, Margaret Juul's compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion. Each print is finely hand-embellished using acrylic paints and ink highlights to resemble the texture of the original painting.
    • 30” x 30” x 1.5″
    • Printed on canvas, with a painted border around the edges
    • Limited edition of 275, signed and numbered
    Value: $1,149.99 Generously donated by Margaret Juul
  • A vibrant rendition of California Corbina fish by Marianne Champlin, a Laguna Beach artist who works in oil, watercolor and egg tempera.  Ms. Champlin writes: “My art has evolved through several stages, which have generally paralleled my place of residence and travel.  I have lived in California, Texas, Wyoming and Hawaii. The dominate force in my art has been my impression and emotional response to these varied surroundings. My production relies on a technique and approach which springs from a woman’s viewpoint, emotion and the relationship to her surroundings. This is revealed in the subject choice, use of chosen medium, as well as, what is to be communicated to the viewer. I work in oil, watercolor and egg tempera depending on what is to be conveyed.  During my many years in North San Diego county I was able to paint on locations where early California artists worked. I was also very fortunate in my art training to study with advocates of the California style of painting.” Major Achievements:
    • Participant in American Impressionist Society Shows
    • Solon International Shows
    • Sotheby’s Art Auction in Rancho Santa Fe, CA
    • Laguna Beach Plein Air Artists Shows
    • Featured Artist at Rancho Santa Fe Art Gallery
    • Maurice Braun California Art Club Plein Air Competitions
    • One Person Show at the West Wind Art Gallery at Sheraton Hotel In Kona, Hawaii
    • “Drift” Watercolor Selected by the State of Wyoming for the permanent collection in the Education Building
    • “Cabrillo Light House” oil painting used for the cover of the Magazine section in the North County Times newspaper, San Diego
    • “Jody’s Welcome” watercolor used for the San Diego Chamber Orchestra Christmas Card
    • “Agua Tibia Ranch” oil used for the cover of the Phone Book, North County San Diego 
    Represented Art Galleries:
    • Casper Art Guild, Casper Wyoming
    • West Hawaii Gallery, Kona, Hawaii
    • Del Mar Gallery, Del Mar, California
    • Flower Hill Gallery, Del Mar, California
    • Rancho Santa Fe Gallery, Rancho Santa Fe, California
    • My Studio Gallery, Highway #76, Pauma Valley, California
    16" x 20" Value: $1,000.00 Generously donated by Artist Marianne Champlin
  • The Intuitive Alphabet Collector’s Edition is an oversized version of a first edition by Michele Oka Doner, and includes spontaneous sketches throughout the book as well as an original drawing by the artist. Each cover has a hand-written title and is meticulously crafted of handmade paper with a naturally deckled edge. The Collector’s Edition is designed to celebrate the traditional art of bookmaking. The spine is left raw to reveal the sewn-together pages. The uncoated textured paper is 100% recycled post-consumer overlaid with transparent sheets. With its evocative and thought-provoking images, Intuitive Alphabet underscores the connection between human beings and nature. Michele Oka Doner is an internationally renowned artist whose production encompasses sculpture, prints, drawings, furniture, jewelry, public art, functional objects, video, costume and set design, and artist’s books. She is well known for permanent art installations such as Flight at Reagan International Airport and A Walk on the Beach at Miami International Airport. Oka Doner’s work can be found in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Victoria & Albert Museum.
    • Handmade paper cover, Smyth sewn binding
    • 134 pages, vellum uncoated
    • 56 color photographs
    • Textured and recycled paper
    • 75 x 16.25 in.
    Value: $1,000.00 Generously donated by an anonymous private supporter
  • 3' x 1' Value: $700.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • Fine artist Lisa Egeli is known for her ability to convey a sense of truly being there in her seascapes and landscapes. Gaze at this painting of sunset over the ocean and you will experience the uniqueness of that moment and that place. Egeli is also famous for bringing out the best in her portrait subjects, which has led to commissions of nearly a dozen department chairs and doctors for Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, and five presidents, a board chair and major donors for Washington College. Other portrait clients include the University of California Davis Medical School (Vice Chancellor and Dean,) the University of Maryland Medical School (Dean,) the George Washington University Law School (Dean,) and the Maryland National Guard (Adjutant General.) Framed oil painting 6” x 8″

    Value: $650.00

    Generously donated by Lisa Egeli

  • 30" x 40" Value: $500.00 Generously donated by Dr. Jim Hedgecock
  • One of a kind Veuve Clicquot box and Champagne by Laguna Beach artist Robin Hiers. Robin Hiers paints a vibe that is Beach Girl Chic with a slight twist of vintage pop. She is influenced by her life in California and her obsession with the “jet set life” of the sixties and seventies. Robin is one of the featured artists at LGOCA in Laguna Beach - a gallery that showcases contemporary art that is hip, modern, and vibrant. Value: $125.00 Generously donated by Robin Hiers Fine Art

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