The power of eight sides come together as one in the breaking dawn. Boundless energy rising, this is the beginning of a new era.

“Rising New Era” is the highlight in LIULI Crystal Art’s 2019 collection “Buoyed by Spring Light.” Made of lead crystal using pâte-de-verre (lost wax casting,) nine fish are depicted in various formations as they swim upward as one. In Mandarin, nine is homonymous with the word for long – here it symbolizes prolonged prosperity and longevity. The word for fish is homonymous with the word for abundance – here it symbolizes profusion year after year and a lifetime of fortune. The open circle in the base is where fortune gathers. It symbolizes the blessing of an inextinguishable life force. Sculpturally, the tails of the nine fish fan out like a flower, each petal spreads outward with organic energy.

LIULI Crystal Art is committed to “continuously create art for the good of the heart,” and shares the vision with Oceana to protect the world’s oceans.

  • 7” x W11” x H6.5”
  • Sky blue & gold red with 24K gold foil
  • Limited edition: one of only 998, engraved with a serial number
  • Packed in a red peony flower box with certificate and poem card

Generously donated by Liuli South Coast Plaza