Robert Kollar is a longtime ocean advocate and a dedicated member of the SeaChange Summer Party’s Executive Planning Committee, serving as the Volunteer Coordinator. He’s responsible for organizing and managing all the wonderful volunteers that ensure things run smoothly behind the scenes.

As a scuba diver and boating enthusiast, he has firsthand experience of the breathtaking beauty and diversity of marine ecosystems. Hence, his belief in safeguarding the oceans as humanity’s most precious shared heritage.

As an attorney, he knows how important it is to advocate for laws and regulations at both domestic and international levels to achieve meaningful change. As the co-founder of, Robert respects nonprofits that go beyond simply addressing the symptoms of systemic problems but instead effect a lasting impact. Oceana checks all of his boxes, explaining his 15-years of support at SeaChange.

Robert has been an integral part of SeaChange, consistently demonstrating his unwavering dedication to ocean conservation. While he’s proud of all that’s been accomplished at SeaChange in years past, he knows that Oceana’s future achievements will be fueled by the generosity we exhibit today.