Olivia Dahan is a passionate environmentalist and advocate for ocean conservation. Growing up in Newport Beach, near the coast, Olivia spent countless hours exploring the beaches, diving into the waves, and immersing herself in the natural beauty of the sea. In 2007, she first became involved with Oceana as a volunteer. Then while at Connecticut College, she founded the first collegiate chapter of Oceana.

In 2016, motivated by her passion for the oceans, Olivia co-founded Oceana Young Leaders Council with Kira Cahill, a subgroup of Oceana a nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging and empowering young individuals in ocean conservation efforts. Through this initiative, she actively works to raise awareness about the pressing issues facing our oceans and encourages young people to take action to preserve and restore marine environments. Olivia’s fascination with the ocean led her to obtain a PADI Scuba License, allowing her to delve deeper into the underwater world and witness the incredible diversity of marine ecosystems firsthand. Through her scuba diving experiences, she gained a profound appreciation for the fragile balance of marine life and the urgent need to protect it.

Recognizing the severe impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems, Olivia co-founded Bold Box with Kira Cahill, an eco-friendly company committed to reducing plastic waste. Bold Box offers innovative and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, providing consumers with practical solutions that contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet. Olivia’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her environmental consciousness, has driven Bold Box to become a leading force in the movement towards a plastic-free future.

Olivia’s commitment to making a positive impact on the planet serves as a beacon of hope for a sustainable future, where humans and nature coexist harmoniously.