Kelly Brochu is a passionate advocate for ocean conservation, with a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. Introduced to Oceana while living in New York, she was attracted to the global organization for its effective use of capital to improve and transform our world’s oceans. Kelly began volunteering at Sea Change Summer Party after relocating with her family to Laguna Beach in 2019. In 2022 she joined the Executive Committee for Oceana’s SeaChange Summer Party. As an Executive Committee member of Oceana, she actively contributes to Oceana’s mission, striving to raise awareness about the critical importance of ocean conservation.

Apart from her philanthropic work and fundraising initiatives, Kelly enjoys playing tennis, immersing herself in art, learning to fly, and savoring the beauty of the ocean, both above and below its surface.

Kelly Brochu’s business career has encompassed risk and regulatory work in New York as a senior executive at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, MetLife, and PWC.

Now, Kelly leverages her extensive experience and love for coastal California to advise investors and families on real estate matters. By combining her expertise and dedication to the environment, she continues to make a meaningful difference in both her professional and philanthropic pursuits.