Luxurious and glamorous, those are the attributes that describe Versace stemware best. The combination of Versace’s opulent decorations with Rosenthal’s sense for simple shapes and forms creates items that stand the test of time.

An exclusive ambience is an absolute must for those special, unforgettable moments. The successful crystal glass series “Medusa Lumière” by Rosenthal meets Versace turns every occasion into a festive event. The glass collection with the characteristic Medusa head on the stem has now been complemented by further extraordinary tabletop accessories of pure lead crystal.

The top-class champagne and wine glasses, bowls, and ashtrays promise the discerning host the highest possible standards. Shaped by their typical six-edged form the glittering crystal glass articles set the perfect scene for the Versace symbol, the Medusa head.

The effect of the curved wine decanter with medusa stopper invokes a special atmosphere.  Ashtrays, vodka and beer glasses, in which the fine spirit shimmers from behind the polished Medusa head, all enhance the noble flair.

The visual highlight of the collection is a footed glass vase that forms the center of attention. Adorned with Medusa, it symbolizes the noblesse that envelops the entire collection.

What could be more beautiful than enjoying the luxury of exclusive elegance in good company?

The set includes:

  • One set of four champagne glasses.
  • One set of four wine glasses.
  • One  set of four highball glasses
  • One  set of four old fashioned glasses
  • One  Crystal footed vase.
  • One  Wine decanter.
  • One  Large ash tray.
  • One  Wine bottle coaster.

Value: $5,063.00

Generously Donated by Versace South Coast Plaza