Dimensions: 6′ x 15′

“Ocean’s Call” depicts a life-size newborn baby humpback whale painted with Webber’s signature Eastern – Western fusion technique. The original oil painting is comprised of dozens of layers of pure powdered earth pigments including lapis, cobalt, mica, Egyptian Indigo, gold, pearl and marble dust. The final result is a painting that is fully light-interactive and translucent, alive and responding throughout the day as the natural light changes across the surface.

“Ocean’s Call” took more than a year to complete and included the artist traveling to the South Pacific to swim with the humpback whales and their babies as part of her research. The painting was conceived and created by the artist to help raise awareness and inspire action towards healing the planet’s oceans.

About Kimberly Webber:

Kimberly Webber’s paintings are a fusion of Eastern and Western techniques, philosophy and spirituality. Webber works with traditional Chinese organic abstraction markings and was taught classic heavy color Chinese painting from the lineage of calligraphic master painter Lin Chein Shih. Webber’s studies also include Nihonga style painting which migrated from China to Japan in the 7th century AD along with Buddhism. Webber combines the Asian techniques with her classical oil painting training which included studies in Florence, Italy, New York City and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Ohio Wesleyan University. Webber’s multi-dimensional paintings are created from traditional media including vine charcoal, pure powdered mineral pigments, Asian calligraphy ink, handmade oil formulas and rice paper. She has been painting since early childhood and throughout her life. Webber’s work has shown in solo exhibitions in New York City, California, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Europe and the Middle East. The work is currently represented by ACA Galleries in New York City, Exposures International Gallery, Sedona, Arizona and Untitled Fine Art in Taos, New Mexico. The quality of light and the open sky in New Mexico are a key source of inspiration for Webber’s work as is the sacred land. The work revolves around the liminal space of dreams, deep memory and the archetypes. Each painting is designed to uplift, activate and empower the viewer, humanity and the planet.

“Ocean’s Call” 6′ x 15′ oil painting by Kimberly Webber, short version video:



Value: $150,000

Generously donated by Kimberly Webber Fine Art and Untitled Fine Art