Dimensions: 54″ x 72″

This Great White Shark is #4 in my exclusive collection of Great White Sharks called “Outliers.” This shark is made of hand-cutout squares from recycled magazines ranging from Glamour, Vogue, W Magazine, National Geographic, Pacific Fishing Magazines, Seattle publications (my hometown) and various others. This piece took about 40 hours to complete.

About Whitney Anderson:

“My art is somewhere between reality and escape, fantasy, mystery and fun. I live for these things”

After graduating college, entering the real-world art became Anderson’s center focus. She never had any lessons but growing up she gained a vivid imagination which was fostered from long boring hours in the classroom and commercial fishing in no-mans-land Alaska with her family. She has also traveled to many countries—45 so far—which has expanded her understanding of history, people and culture. She made sense of her life and the world through art.

Value: $5,700.00

Generously donated by Whitney Anderson