American cherrywood handcrafted in Rhode Island, the Ergatta Rower is designed to complement your living space. Lightweight and mobile, the rower is effortlessly transported, stored, and ready within seconds. Its near-silent water flywheel authentically replicates the resistance of water and naturally increases with your effort. 

Why water resistance? 

  • Easy on the back – Resistance is evenly distributed throughout the stroke, putting less strain on your back and making your core and arms pick up more of the work. 
  • Adjusts with you – No need to add or remove water. Resistance adjusts based on your input. More effort meets more resistance, like paddling in the water. 
  • Quiet and soothing – No mechanical sound or feel; no slippage or catching like some electromagnetic or air-based rowers; and no problem for sleeping babies in the next room. 

Onscreen, Ergatta helps you build a fitness routine by adding achievement into every workout. Access 1,000’s of personalized, interactive workouts designed to make the time fly by. Stay motivated and engaged with addictive games, competitions, challenges, live races, and scenic river rows from around the world. 

Generously donated by Ergatta