A vibrant rendition of California Corbina fish by Marianne Champlin, a Laguna Beach artist who works in oil, watercolor and egg tempera.  Ms. Champlin writes:

“My art has evolved through several stages, which have generally paralleled my place of residence and travel.  I have lived in California, Texas, Wyoming and Hawaii. The dominate force in my art has been my impression and emotional response to these varied surroundings. My production relies on a technique and approach which springs from a woman’s viewpoint, emotion and the relationship to her surroundings. This is revealed in the subject choice, use of chosen medium, as well as, what is to be communicated to the viewer. I work in oil, watercolor and egg tempera depending on what is to be conveyed.  During my many years in North San Diego county I was able to paint on locations where early California artists worked. I was also very fortunate in my art training to study with advocates of the California style of painting.”

Major Achievements:

  • Participant in American Impressionist Society Shows
  • Solon International Shows
  • Sotheby’s Art Auction in Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Laguna Beach Plein Air Artists Shows
  • Featured Artist at Rancho Santa Fe Art Gallery
  • Maurice Braun California Art Club Plein Air Competitions
  • One Person Show at the West Wind Art Gallery at Sheraton Hotel In Kona, Hawaii
  • “Drift” Watercolor Selected by the State of Wyoming for the permanent collection in the Education Building
  • “Cabrillo Light House” oil painting used for the cover of the Magazine section in the North County Times newspaper, San Diego
  • “Jody’s Welcome” watercolor used for the San Diego Chamber Orchestra Christmas Card
  • “Agua Tibia Ranch” oil used for the cover of the Phone Book, North County San Diego 

Represented Art Galleries:

  • Casper Art Guild, Casper Wyoming
  • West Hawaii Gallery, Kona, Hawaii
  • Del Mar Gallery, Del Mar, California
  • Flower Hill Gallery, Del Mar, California
  • Rancho Santa Fe Gallery, Rancho Santa Fe, California
  • My Studio Gallery, Highway #76, Pauma Valley, California

16″ x 20″

Value: $1,000.00

Generously donated by Artist Marianne Champlin