• Mized Media, Oilbar, Crystallina & Resin on Wood, 2022 Dimensions: 20 x 2 in About the artist: Polish Canadian artist James Verbicky was born in 1973 and lived the majority of his early life in British Columbia before immigrating to the United States in the early 2000s. He struggled with legal status for many years before finally being awarded the ‘Extraordinary Ability’ green card due to his extensive involvement with a wide range of museums, galleries, publications, nonprofit organizations, and philanthropic endeavors. In 2008, his work was selected for a 110 year-old juried exhibition at the Musée du Louvre with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

    Shortly after his exhibition in Paris and finding inspiration and materials in the form of vintage magazines among the vendors along the Seine, Verbicky created the Media Paintings. These complex and sculptural mixed media artworks became vessels for communicating about a society oversaturated by media and allowed Verbicky, as a visual language manipulator, to move beyond deconstruction alone create his own new, abstract visual language. By utilizing and reconstructing rare historical content, including both obsolete and persisting brands and advertisements, as well as vintage graphics, Verbicky has built an enormous oeuvre of densely layered and unique compositions that ensnare the viewer by engaging the natural human proclivity to find order in chaos, to sort and assign meaning as a way to navigate the world. In this process, he reminds the viewer that they are constantly being influenced.

    In 2014, Verbicky reexamined paint on canvas with the ERA and Bhavanga series, transcending the barriers of paper collage with bands of hand-painted canvas, enamel script, classical imagery from esoteric texts and heightened textures using crystallina and concrete. In 2019, Verbicky launched the BRAINSCAN series, which he calls Alternative Portraiture. Massive abstract artworks that seek to define and interpret both the physical organ of the brain while using color and form to depict the more elusive states of human consciousness, BRAINSCAN shows us what our thoughts look like while operating under the influence of narcotics, chemicals, and emotional states. Also in 2019, Verbicky launched the Peace Portal series after the flagship piece was auctioned by the Chairman of the Board of the Louvre, Becca Cason Thrash, with all funds to support the restoration of Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris after the devastating fire caused severe damage to the iconic structure. “In this small way I can repay Paris for the inspiration she has given me and my work.”

    In 2020, Verbicky expanded his work further still into the realm of installation art with his creation ‘What is Reality’. Transforming a 1966 decommissioned military vehicle into a controversial art piece painted with symbols, graphics and the names of hundreds of gods spanning across all cultures, Verbicky illegally installed his piece in front of the Los Angeles City Hall building at the height of the social unrest as protestors faced off against the National Guard. A commentary on the chaotic nature of 2020 and the search for meaning, normalcy, and answers in the face of a world turned upside down, ‘What is Reality’ asks the same questions we are asking ourselves during this tumultuous time, whilst simultaneously advancing themes that Verbicky has tackled for years: how is the world shaping our views, and what do you see when you look inside yourself?

    Verbicky collaborates frequently with philanthropic organizations, using his artwork to contribute to nonprofits like the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Art of Elysium. He has been the focus of international exhibitions ranging from Berlin to Bangkok, Beirut to New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. His pieces have been auctioned by Sothebys & Christie’s, and are counted in thousands of important private, public, celebrity and museum collections in countries all over the world.

    Verbicky works and lives with his wife and three children in Southern California.

    Generously donated by James Verbicky
  • Deeply influenced by his remarkable fourteen year sailing voyage around the world, this Nautical Sphere sculpture captures the artist’s journey at sea, and the privilege of experiencing the ocean, with its stunning display of marine life, in its most beautiful, powerful and natural form. Neville meticulously designs and transcribes his expressions, using traditional scrimshawing techniques, onto a truly unique canvas - antique glass fishing floats, handmade spheres formed over one hundred years ago. But the mass production of plastic would eventually replace these floats, forever changing our world, and with it, the delicate balance of our oceans and its valuable marine life. This remarkable piece of art and sculpture measures 9.5” in diameter. Air bubbles suspended inside the heavy glass have been integrated into the hand-etched design, and in exquisite detail, sea creatures can be discovered floating amongst flowing latitudes that circle the sphere - patterns formed when the molten orb was hand blown over a century ago. This Nautical Sphere reflects the beauty and spectrum of ocean colors, with the delicate refraction of light through changing depths of glass, and the shifting shadows cast from the artist’s scrimshawed design. Artist Bio Neville Hockley was born in Southampton, England, and has lived most of his life by the sea. He is a graduate from the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City and also holds a degree from Portsmouth College of Art and Design in the UK. In 1997 Neville founded i&D, a New York design studio, and grew his business into a multiple International Davy Award Winning agency. He is the author of Dream Time, a story published by Vanguard Press that chronicles his first ocean voyage from Australia to Italy. In 2007 Neville and his wife, Catherine, set sail from New York to explore the world on their thirty-eight foot cutter-rig sloop, Dream Time. For a remarkable fourteen years, sailing over 50,000 nautical miles across all four hemispheres, Neville continued to develop his carvings and unique scrimshaw designs. Neville’s life at sea and his creative diversity have been featured in dozens of magazines around the world. When Neville is not sailing, he can be found working from his seaside studio in Long Beach, New York. Generously donated by Neville Hockley
  • This piece is part of Margaret’s series of emotionally charged Coastal abstract artworks. She uses powerful brushstrokes, as she does in all her paintings, in order to create an impression. The image is reminiscent of a memory of a beach wedding and watching bouquet floral petals floating on the surface of slow moving tide from the edge of a seawall.

    Acrylic, pastel, ink, and pigments on canvas. Finished with a glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage. Gallery Wrapped, with painted sides.

    Dimensions: 36 x 36 x 1.5″ About Margaret Juul "Tumbling underneath waves amid effervescent sea tones, my compositions are fresh and original expressions of the colors and patterns of water in motion. Captured in visual art as an unwavering hold on my spirit — with fluidity, intuition, and reflective volatility. I incorporate irregular shapes which move around the canvas, reminiscent of the brilliant marine hues that convey water in 19th-century Japanese woodblock prints.  Close inspection reveals rough, textured surfaces from the thick application of medium on linen- including oil, acrylic, ink and oil pastel, reiterating the earthly and organic nature of my subject. As a multifaceted artist, with a focus on painting, illustration, interior and textile design for more than two decades, I have cultivated an extensive list of devoted supporters. My work displays prominently in a wide variety of settings—from celebrity homes and corporate lobbies to commercial and hospitality sites internationally. A native of New York, but long-time resident in Florida, I have exhibited internationally from San Diego to Boston and London to Beijing. Some notable exhibitions are Iraq Museum, Art Basel, Swiss Art, Affordable Art Fair Manhattan, Foosaner Art Museum and a collaboration with Yoko Ono. My work is represented worldwide through renowned galleries and print vendors. With an education in Fine Art and Interior Design, I have dedicated my career to the visual arts through painting, custom commissions, and designing textiles full time. I am always looking for custom commission and freelance projects." Generously donated by Margaret Juul
  • "The Surf at Kandui", 60 x 24. Palm fronds and acrylic on gallery canvas. Custom framed in white floater frame. This stunning piece was inspired by the emerald green waters of Indonesia. Kandui is one of the most wave-rich locations on planet Earth, steps from the jungle in the Mentawai Islands. Artist Bio Kelly Hanna is a mixed-media artist based in Palm Springs, California. After seventeen years of art direction and graphic design she yearned for a new challenge, eventually finding it through creating multi-dimensional artworks that are “inspired by nature's gifts.” Kelly has developed a signature style of painting that leaves the viewer mesmerized and curious. Using natural textures such as palm fronds, bark and seeds, her work feels alive. She’s always been fascinated by the wonders of Mother Nature and it shows through in every piece she creates. Kelly’s work has been featured at West Elm Pop-Up Shops, The Beverly Hills Art Show, Desert Arts Festival and in Voyage LA magazine. Her work is held in collections across the United States, from Beverly Hills to Cape Cod. Generously donated by Kelly Hanna Studio
  • This beautiful one-of-a-kind, vintage, upcycled, and hand-stitched duster is made from sequins sourced from different jackets and dresses. Generously donated by Katharine Story
  • Original painting and hand made custom floating frame. Dimensions: 24 x 36 in. Artist Bio LaMonte Lamoureux was born in Alaska, United States on January 6, 1977.  The unique landscapes and environment surrounding him began a balance of appreciating beautiful views with the unique ecology and biological systems that exist below the surface.  Lamoureux further combined these perspectives during his academic studies in the Biological  Sciences with a minor in Fine Arts at  Sierra Nevada College on a combined academic and athletic scholarship as an accomplished downhill ski racer. After having been chosen three years in a row to exhibit his work on banners along the iconic California US Route 101 by Arts Alive, Lamoureux was approached to install a large mural overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the Seaside Market complex in his home town. This led to his first exhibition at Fowler's Boutique in 2019 during which his entire collection sold on its opening reception followed by many successful exhibitions since. He is also represented at the design centers of Molly Wood Design in Costa Mesa, California, Slate Interiors, Charlotte, North Carolina, Grounded Modern and Kyle & Grace in Encinitas, California. Lamoureux achieved national exposure with his work being featured on episodes of Help! I Wrecked My House, produced by HGTV and published in Nurture Parenting magazine and the book House Story by Jasmine Roth. Internationally, the art of LaMonte Lamoureux can be seen in Dando A Luz Birthing Centers, including the first natural birthing center in Thailand. LaMonte Lamoureux currently lives in Cardiff by the Sea, California with his wife and two daughters where you can find him painting in his home based garage art studio or surfing the waves at nearby Cardiff Reef and Swamis. Generously donated by LaMonte Lamoureux

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