Third Power Cycle is one of the first studios to provide a successful indoor cycling program to the area, we at Third Power Cycle strive to continue to create a training atmosphere that improves the seasoned athlete, energizes the weekend warrior and motivates the fitness enthusiast.

Third Power Cycle was founded in the belief that in every person, there is a definable force that drives the will that leads to success. Once the distractions of the rider are taken away, the boundaries become non- existent and the third power is used to achieve the unlimited.

Third Power Cycle focuses on maintaining the principles that indoor cycling was founded upon. No matter what your skill level, their dedicated instructors will ensure a form focused ride that will make the individual stronger, more fit, and ride savvy while having fun in the energy of a group setting.

Their 60-minute low impact, high intensity rides are simple in form and priceless in benefits. Your certificate includes twenty (20)  rides at and three (3) personal training sessions at the Newport Workout!

Value: $525.00

Generously donated by Third Power Cycle and The Newport Workout