This limited design within the “Prosperity Ubiquitous” collection is perhaps one of LIULI studio’s most powerful statements on harmony. In “Harmonious Beauty,” different species of goldfish gather in a swirl around a central focal point, each of them possessing a unique trait or color, with one of them cleverly carved in negative relief. The subjects add to a balance that is at once asymmetrical yet harmonious. All the while, the composition subtly alludes to the balance of a yin-yang shape. With all of these elements coming together in a delicate balance, the underlying message artists are conveying here is that with diversity and collective effort, beauty and harmony can be achieved on a magnificent scale.

Two hearts as one,
Roaming the vast land.
Harmonious beauty,
Across the ages,
Fortune everlasting.

  • Size: 16.34″L x 15.35″D x 6.89″H inches
  • Material: Crystal Glass
  • Technique: Pate de Verre
  • Limited Edition: 328 pieces (Worldwide)

Generously Donated by LIULI South Coast Plaza