ROHL Perrin & Rowe 3-Lever Faucet and Filter

Clean modern lines, authentic craftsmanship, and the world’s premier filtration technology come together in the ROHL Perrin & Rowe Contemporary 3-Lever Kitchen Filtration Faucet with ʺUʺ Spout and Sidespray. This patented technology is the only integrated filtration system of its kind that delivers hot, cold, and filtered water from a single faucet. The Katadyn filter prevents more than 7,500 plastic water (16 oz) bottles from ending up in our oceans or in landfills. It is also the same filter used by the World Health Organization, Red Cross, and NATO to provide clean drinking water following natural disasters. Each filter produces 1,000 gallons of fresh, filtered water and significantly reduces harmful chemicals and bacteria to 0.2 – microns per gallon. This system is so effective at water filtration; it meets the strictest water standards in the country. With its compact design, the filter fits easily under the sink without impeding on cabinet space. Satin and nickel finish.

Value: $2,250.

Generously donated by ROHL