You and two friends will experience a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to learn freediving with renowned teacher Lance Davis and Oceana Ambassador Christina Ochoa. 

Whether your focus is spearfishing, underwater photography, stunts, fitness, or simply fun, the PFI first level Freediver course is a perfect place to start. 

About Christina Ochoa: Christina Ochoa is acclaimed for her achievements as an actress, marine biologist, and producer from Spain. With a diverse background that has taken her around the globe, she is a prominent figure in both the entertainment industry and the field of marine science. Christina has earned degrees in oceanographic engineering and marine biology, developing a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the ocean. Christina’s passion for marine life has led her to explore the depths of the ocean firsthand. A PADI Divemaster for over a decade, she has logged 900+ dives and has achieved PFI Level II certification as a free diver, reaching a maximum logged depth of 30 meters. Christina inspires us all to appreciate, protect, and cherish the beauty of our oceans for generations to come. 

About Your instructor, Lance Lee Davis:  He has swum competitively for 11 years and holds recreational SCUBA and nitrox certifications, but his passion has always been freediving.  His deepest freedives to date are 242′ (74M), constant weight without fins, as well as 80M done constant weight with bi-fins. He currently holds the US National Record in CNF at 74M, as well as one apnea related Guinness World Record.  He loves seafood and has spent many thousands of hours in southern California waters, year-round, day and night.  He has trained alongside Olympians and world record holders and been featured as a diver/swimmer in advertising for international brands.  Lance looks forward to sharing the proven techniques of the PFI program with you! 


  • Valid until July 22, 2024 
  • Students must be able to swim unassisted and be medically fit for freediving and sign liability waivers attesting to that, or if they have pre-existing medical conditions then a doctor would need to sign off on their behalf.  Students under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who should sign the waiver on their behalf. 
  • If students want to engage in spearfishing or foraging, they will need a California fishing license and DAN insurance. 
  • Date and location are subject to availability. 
  • Boat and vessel rental not included. Winner’s private boat may be used for this experience. 
  • Gear not included. Students must provide their own scuba or surf suits or free dive specific, California appropriate equipment. 

Value: Priceless!

Generously donated by Christina Ochoa and Lance Lee Davis