Dimensions: 21″ x 11″

This is a unique one of a kind Coral sculpture made by the JoJo Bros with iridescent mediums, resins and other unique materials. Each coral head was hand sculpted and placed to perfection.

About JoJo Bros:

Joseph and Jordan are two extraordinary Brother Artists (the JOJO BROS ) from Orange County who are turning people’s heads with what they call “Fusion Art” as well as their Music and Surfing. They both collaborate and paint on the same piece of artwork and the end result is amazing.

Joseph the oldest,  grew up surfing and turned pro at 14th which lead to 2 west coast champion wins, 4th on the ASP Pro tour, and a 9th place finish in the 2008 World Longboard Pro Championships. He has been featured on the Good Day LA Show and the Daily Buzz KDOC show and graced the cover’s of many magazines across the globe, TV Commercials for Post and Levi’s and featured in the 9 foot TV series on the Brazilian Channel “OFF”.  Interviewed on Fuel TV ”New Pollution”, Planet X TV and Epic TV. 2 time Longboard Surfer of the Year, not to mention having his own surfboard line – JoeMotion.com.

While Joseph was building his surf pedigree, Jordan was making a name for himself in the Art world as well as his surfing skills being featured in many surf magazines himself and in 2011 the bros merged as artists (JOJO BROS) and started doing what they call Fusion Art. They started painting together on the same piece of art and the media started going crazy over their work which then lead to doing art for several celebrities like Alice Cooper and high profile Gala events such as the Solid Rock foundation, Boys and Girls Club, Athletes First NFL, Strength in Support, and Philharmonic House of Design just to name a few. They also produce their own music for all videos and other media. Their album will be released soon. Currently the bros are working with Lugano Diamonds on many of their projects and have some exciting things in the works. They are dynamic as a team!

Value: $10,000.00

Generously donated by JoJo Bros