The Art of Robin Hiers

Robin Hiers paints the Good life – with a retro twist. She is known for her fun paintings that capture the spirit of coastal living through the eyes of happy people. Her work is available at Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art where Robin can often be found painting. She is the featured artist at a popular ocean front bar and restaurant The Deck where she gathers inspiration. Both spots are located in the village of Laguna Beach, which has been home to artists since the 1920’s. Her childhood there, with artistic parents, helped form her belief that being an artist was something to be proud of. She knew from a very young age that she would “paint happy art that would make a lot of people happy.”

Robin paints on large canvas and everyday items including surfboards, vintage matchbooks, fashion, and barware. She is constantly expanding her artistic vision while always staying true to her soul, as art is her true passion. Her clients are her muses – women like her who love life and fun and enjoy the playful side of life.

She is currently in her Champagne and Bikini era, where she uses Champagne labels to make bikinis in her large paintings. They are enhanced with glitter and bright color. Most of her work has a 1960’s flair to it, recalling a time when art was often used in advertising.

By remaining true to her women-focused art, she has found a following that feels a strong connection to her work. Her greatest joy is knowing how uplifting her art can be for others. Her motto is “Love Your Life” and Robin will often work that into a painting. By creating art in all sizes and forms, she is able to fulfill her dream of making a lot of people happy.

Generously donated by Robin Hiers