Giorgio Armani’s Mini Borgonuovo Bag is dedicated to Via Borgonuovo – a street in the artistic district of Brera, Milan. It is this street that is representative of the label’s meticulous taste, and the focus of its narrative. Though international in spirit, the Armani style has always been deeply and undeniable rooted in Milan. The label is characterized by an apparent severity that hides a delicate grace, with a preference for understated and sophisticated colors and the idea of “whispered luxury”.

The new Borgonuovo Bag characterizes all of the above and renders the Giorgio Armani’s values tangible. The iconic bag of the season expresses calm, quiet, subtle and timeless elegance – words synonymous with Giorgio Armani’s designs and vision. There is little wonder then that the Borgonuovo Bag has captured the attention of notable style icons, Angelina Jolie and Amber le Bon.


Value: 5,425.00


Generously donated bu Giorgio Armani South Coast Plaza