Experience the thrill of adventure on a private flight upon the ICON A5 Sea Plane. The ICON A5 reinvents recreational aviation and lets you bring the exhilaration of flight to life like never before. Soar into the sky and gracefully glide on the water. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 

  • Package for up to two people. 
  • Approximate flight time of 45 minutes. Please allocate 2 hours for the entire experience. 
  • Must redeem within 180 days. 
  • Excludes holidays. 
  • Gratuities and fees included.
  • Flexible departure location. 

THE FINDGROUP was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with experience dating back 35 years in their respective industries in selling, brokering, and delivering yachts, luxury and commercial real estate, jets and armored luxury vehicles. 

The GROUP offers a high level of experience in marketing, listing, selling and closing both off and on market luxury assets. As our clients demanded additional services and assets, our vision developed into merging luxury industry experts in one full-service organization offering clients access to one Group. 

Some assets are unique and not available in the mainstream marketplace. THE FINDGROUP privately and confidentially connects the buyers and sellers through its expansive and exclusive international network curated throughout our years of experience and including industry expert attorneys and tax specialists. 

Generously donated by THE FINDGROUP