Enjoy a  complete custom kitchen design!

Package includes:

  •  An initial concept meeting & site visit
  •  A preliminary design presentation
  •  Cabinet drawings including floor plan and elevations
  • Finish material selection
  • Specification notebook

About Wendi Young:

We think differently…

We believe design is not just about creating a pretty room, but creating a room that evokes emotion.

We believe a piece is not defined by its cost but by its style, and that detail and authenticity are just as important as budgets and completion dates.

We believe in challenging the status quo, in the power of the collective, and in working as a team. 

We believe in creating harmony between the way a person looks at life and the way they live it, and we believe a well-designed home is a portrait of those who live within.

For over twenty years, Wendi Young Design has successfully executed hundreds of full-scale interior design projects. Our experienced team of six is well-educated in interior design, interior architecture, furniture design, project management, and finance. Our body of work is as diverse as the clients we represent and our team is proficient in creating a variety of styles, from formal to relaxed, old-world to contemporary, and are particularly talented in mixing authentic architectural detailing with unusual “found” objects.

Whether we are engaged in a new construction project or helping a client redecorate their well-loved home, our goal is to provide a carefully crafted design that can be implemented in a time frame, budget, and style consistent with the client’s desires. We take pride in doing our work well and have fun in the process.

Value: $15,000.00

Generously donated by Wendi Young