The Tres Marias Islands are located 60 miles NW of Punta Mita, Nayarit Mexico. Grupo Cleofas offers three nights for five couples at Isla Cleofas, which is the southernmost island in the archipelago. The trip includes a world class chef and cuisine as well as guided tours by on-staff marine and terrestrial biologists. These islands have been protected since 1905 and have more endemic species of mammals per meter squared of land than the Galapagos.

Grupo Cleofas a California 501 (c) (3) was formed in 2003 to protect the Tres Marias and has as its mission statement… ” To build a cultural bridge between U.S. and Mexicos’ scientific and educational communities through cooperation, study, and conservation of this very special island group” for more information, visit .

The time frame for the trip begins November 15, 2016, thru June of 2017

Watch a video of the Maria Cleofas here

Value: $20,000

Generously Donated by Grupo Cleofas