Maya Gabeira is the most accomplished female big wave surfer of all time.
Born in Brazill but a resident of the world. She is now residing in Nazare , home to the biggest waves in the world.
She established the first ever Guinness world record for biggest wave surfed by a female in Nazare measured at 68ft. 2 years later she broke her own record and currently holds it with a wave measured at 73,5 feet. In 2020 she became the 1st woman to surf the biggest wave in the year by male and female.
Adding to an ESPY’s, 7 x WSL BIG WAVE AWARDS, Teen Choice Awards and 2 x Laureus nominees.
She continues to break barriers and pioneer women big wave surfing, previously dominated by men.
She is passionate about the ocean and advocates for it through her work with Oceana and was newly named Unesco Champion of the Ocean and Youth.