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ADAGIO is inspired by the defined tempo in music that reflects the feeling of being at ease. One can fully discover the essence of ADAGIO while soaking in the beauty of a Tuscan countryside, feeling the warmth of a lemon-scented Mediterranean breeze, or dining under the shade of an olive tree. Like our name, ADAGIO follows the slow pace of the Italian lifestyle while taking the time to embrace each meaningful detail.

ADAGIO’S designs are beautifully curated and edited with authentic materials that are locally sourced and handmade by Italian artisans who have been masters of their craft in family-owned workshops for generations. ADAGIO’S exquisite pieces are perfect for everyday life and transition seamlessly between seasons. Whether you are dreaming of lounging on the Amalfi coast, exploring the ancient streets of Rome, or simply relaxing at home with friends, ADAGIO will bring the tempo of Italy into your world.

Generously donated by ADAGIO